True Confessions: Librarian Edition

Maggie w bag on headPardon the disguise. Excuse the furtive, over the shoulder glances. It’s time for True Confessions: Librarian Edition. These comments may not generalize to everyone who  reads this blog, but from reading past posts and from friendly conversations with other librarians, I suspect I am not completely alone! Thank you to everyone who reveals a part of themselves with posts and comments. Thank you to those who help me learn by sharing through AISL channels, and via LM_Net, and at conferences, through personal learning networks,  the AISL listserv and in other ways. After you read my confessions, feel free to add a few of your own!

I Download Way More Ebooks Than I Actually Read

A friend once said that once she obtains a book (whether through purchase, borrowing or download), it dispels the pressure she feels to actually read it. Could I  possibly I have 20+
not-even-opened books on my shelf at NetGalley? Yes. Did I download an ebook from the public library, and let it turn itself in, without getting past Chapter One? Yes. I love ebooks in certain situations, and I e-read certain types of things. I also find it very easy to forget my slender ereader is holding many (many!) unread books.

My ARC Stack is Teeteringly High

I fully intend to read every ARC I pick up or request, or enter to win. A little time passes. I vow to catch up over the summer, or during winter break, or in some magical all-weekend speed-readathon. Somehow it never gets smaller.

When I Say I Will Find a Book “A Good Home” …

that might be the recycle bin. Shelagh Straughan, from Trinity College School, brought up this topic in her post on difficult conversations. I will give myself credit here: I let donors know that after we have considered it for the library, offered it to teachers, offered it to students and considered it for outside donation, it may be that some books just don’t have an audience any more. I offer to notify them before we recycle, so they can come pick up any books that remain. So far, no one has taken me up on that. Some people find it so hard to part with physical books that they can’t bring themselves to do it. Instead, they donate them, while realizing that the books will probably be recycled. From the viewpoint of the person carting them to the recycle bin, that can be easier to do with books that were not purchased under my watch. I’ve got some “should probably recycle but haven’t” books at home and in my office.

I Love the Summer (Even Though I Love My Job)

I am excited about seeing students and colleagues. I get great professional satisfaction from my job. I am eager to try new ideas. I am energetic and enthusiastic. But who isn’t a little sad as the summer rhythm gives way to the school year?

I Occasionally Manipulate Technology

It seems like bad karma to do this too often, but sometimes I respond to an email with a question, to buy myself time while the other person responds. I “reply all” with a trivial comment to show the higher-ups that I read the message. I call when I know the person is out, so I can leave a voice mail. For what it’s worth, from time to time, I’ve think I’ve been on the receiving end of technology massaging as well. *smile*

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