The Librarians of AISL

Welcome back to the second installment of our new feature, The Librarians of AISL: the Interviews.  This time we are heading down to Florida.

Librarians of AISL, Barbara from Florida

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One thought on “The Librarians of AISL

  1. I love your advice about making your library space your own. It can take time to find what that means when you inherit someone else’s library space, but there are some things you can identify right away. In my first year, I made some changes pretty quickly that made me more comfortable in my library space and hopefully made the students more comfortable too. One of the major ones was the way picture books were shelved because the students could barely get at the books. Now, in my 4th year, I find that I continue to make changes that make the space more comfortable for me and my assistant but also to respond to student needs. I love that the library space is always evolving. It is important to keep things new and fresh for the librarian 🙂 and the students and teachers too.

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