New year’s resolutions

Inspired by the great advice in Christina’s recent post, and getting pretty excited about welcoming kids back on September 6th, I offer my new (school) year’s resolutions:

  1. The first comes out of one of the roles I play at TCS: as advisor committee coordinator, I see the incredible things that some of my colleagues are doing with their advisees. While I have a great relationship with current and former (meeting two of them for coffee tomorrow!) advisees, comparison can make me feel like I don’t always measure up. This is completely applicable to my work as librarian, so my chosen mantra for 16/17 is from my current ear worm, Let it go: thank you James Bay, for suggesting that “you be you and I’ll be me”. On it!
  2. We are so very fortunate to have a beautifully and functionally renovated space within our new Cirne Commons, so I was quite surprised to find myself having trouble with the transition last spring. Who would not love and be eternally grateful for such a beautiful library?! I do love it, and I am grateful – but the kids use it differently, and more quietly. Which freaks me out  – ironic, huh? Having regained my equilibrium, I pledge to embrace the changes & identify opportunities inherent in this new space.
  3. Finding challenge and fulfillment in so much of my work does not give me the right, or the excuse, to try and do it all. I have two enthusiastic, more-than-capable and willing colleagues in my senior school library who are eager to take on pretty much anything. So I will share the wealth and delegate more.

All the best to those of you who are already in full swing, and to those who are just gearing up!