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Inspired by the Getty museum’s challenge to recreate a masterpiece, I challenged my students to recreate book covers with things found in their homes while in quarantine. They could use their physical or digital talents to create a favorite cover. These recreations gave us so much joy during this reimagined school year. I love how they came out and I am excited to share each with you.

EDIT to include instructions for students:

Recreate a book cover with things from your home! Choose any book cover of your choice! The Middle School will vote on the top recreation from each grade who will earn an Amazon Gift Card!

I also offered this to 3rd and 4th grade without the gift card prize as an optional assignment. I included a “Making Of” time-lapse video of my own cover recreation and some examples I found online.


First up are the art pieces by our 3rd and 4th graders.

Be impressed by our 5th and 6th grade makers!

Now take a moment to enjoy our 7th and 8th grade creaters.

While I miss them immensely, being home has sparked a creativity bug in my students that has impressed me. My hope for the future of learning is that play and creativity are part of learning, too. Each student had to problem-solve for this activity. What would make the best recreation? Do I use myself or my sibling as a model? Do I create or reuse other objects to make the cover? Each student took the time to really think through their cover and this is what school needs to include, too.

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