Prepping for Exam Week in the Library

We’ve just had fall term exams at Mercersburg Academy and I wanted to share a few things that we did to help kids relieve stress. As a boarding school, students are able to come in to the library during the evenings for study hall between 7:00pm and 10:00pm. This makes it even more important to have stress outlets!
Stop. Puzzle Time!
We put a 1000 piece puzzle behind the circulation desk and let the kids go crazy! We had students stopping by Sunday-Wednesday and a few who were determined to finish it before they left for break!
They really enjoyed being in a “restricted area” and it helped break down the boundary that is created by our monster of a desk.
Coffee Break
Our library is located across campus from the student center, so students who wanted coffee during evening quiet hours had to sign out of the library and then sign back in after getting it. This year, we tried out having a large carafe of coffee in the Research Commons and the kids loved it! The coffee was available from 7-10pm on the three evenings before full days of exams.
Bubble pop!
 I bought a big roll of bubble wrap and cut it into squares. We put it out by the research desk and let kids pop it to relieve stress. For two of the days it was out, the students were respectful and really enjoyed the bubble wrap.
However, one night during evening quiet hours the bubble wrap was distributed throughout the library and we could hear little “pop! pop! pop!” all night. Definitely not ideal. This one is definitely repeat at your own risk! If you try this at your library, I would suggest having an adult stationed by the bubble wrap at all times to remind the students to be respectful of those who are trying to study.
Coloring Books
A perennial favorite for stress relief, coloring books are a great exam week option. We put them out around the library with some colored pencils. The kids seemed to enjoy them, though they didn’t get as much use as in previous years. Perhaps this trend has run its course?
Are there any things that you do to help students de-stress during exams?

2 thoughts on “Prepping for Exam Week in the Library

  1. We actually leave the coloring sheets and bookmarks out all the time, and have a puzzle going, too, to help ease the daily stress that occurs in high school, and these things also help to make the library a place where kids can relax, in addition to study.

    But, during exams, I have been putting little tent signs around the library, on tables, in carrels, with a list of de-stress reminders (take a walk, color, watch a movie, daydream, talk with a friend, etc)–full disclosure–got the idea in the Harvard Ed School’s Gutman Library! Mary

  2. Great ideas! I also take my advisees outside into the quad the day before exams start with bottles of bubbles to blow, and we always have bubbles available for anyone who needs to de-stress.

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