Playing book fairy

(Warning: I’ll be library-nerding hard here, it being a safe space to do so 🙂 )

Oh, the thrill of connecting a reader with just the right book, at just the right time! I particularly enjoy making a literal connection; this could be placing a book in a reader’s hands (although a member of my library team brought back an interesting tidbit from our provincial conference, about how to find greater success by not holding a book when talking about it, but placing it on a table/bookshelf, allowing for something akin to transfer of ownership to the reader…fascinating! But I digress…)

Making a literal connection could also be following up on a conversation over the lunch table or by email, by placing a book in a school mailbox, or on a reader’s desk.

As I’m on and off campus throughout the summer, I like to keep this going when opportunity allows. Sometimes I’m dropping things off for people who live/work on campus, sometimes I’m bringing things to people who live near me (we’re in a small town, and I’m lucky to live close to quite a few colleagues)

I had 2 deliveries this morning:

  • A teacher has finished reading Narnia to his kids and was curious about Percy Jackson, so I gave him the first 2 Olympians. He also likes Michael Lewis, and we didn’t have The Undoing Project – I’d ordered it, it recently arrived, so it’s in there too.
  • I ran into a colleague in the park yesterday, which gave me a chance to tell him that I was disappointed about being off my game when he asked me for some summer reading suggestions at the very tail-end of the school year…my brain was fried by then. Based on his reading interests, two books had come to mind, and bumping into him reminded me to get them to him – The Mandibles and The Art of Fielding.

Note the ziploc bags, also doubled-up with plastic bags on this misty morning.

This is strictly for fun, when my schedule allows, not onerous in any way – and I’ve found people to be so appreciative. I’ve also found it a good motivator for getting myself out for a walk!



2 thoughts on “Playing book fairy

  1. Hi, Shelagh! This “Book Fairy” business is one of my very favorite parts of being a librarian. Part matchmaker, part Fairy Godmother. When I can make a good match, I’m in Librarian heaven. It’s officially reflected in our Statement of Purpose, with “developing the life-long love of reading”. Thanks for the idea of having the book on a stand. Readers like to look at a book that is interesting, and it takes away some of the pressure of “here– take it” moment.
    Thanks, and happy summer!
    PS– ziplock bags for misty, damp, wet days?!? How exotic!

  2. That’s just the best, Shelagh! Such a fun post. In my career, the book fairy matchups worked both ways. Over the years, I was turned on to some of my favorite reads, from a 5th grader in the 70s who told me I’d love The Little Princess, to a Prep Senior who recommended Boys in the Boat. What a great profession!

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