Plaid Is Not A Fad In Our Library!

Recently our library decided to redo our furniture. The old furniture had been in place for over 20 years! We had designers visit our school, but we were not in love with any of the choices. In addition, we would have to do a few pieces a year based on our budget. This could prove problematic if a line or design was ever discontinued.

Wanting appealing furniture that fit our price point, we decided to have our existing furniture recovered instead of replacing it with new furniture. I wanted something that would look timeless, classic and represent our school. I soon thought of our school uniform skirts for accent pieces since those are made of fabric too!

We partnered with Andrews Refinishing and they exceeded all of our expectations! We did the main pieces of furniture in one of our school colors (navy) and added tan piping to lighten the look. This combination ended up working perfectly with our school skirt fabric!


We were thrilled to get such incredible furniture! When other departments visit the library they tell us that they love the new look and want it in their rooms too! By using fabric from our school uniforms we were able to create a timeless look that represents our school so well!

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