Librarians of AISL – Christina from Saint Stephen’s

Welcome! If you’re attending the Tampa AISL conference this year, you know that we had a wonderful first day yesterday exploring libraries and creativity. This morning, you’ll be visiting Saint Stephen’s, my school.

If you’re not able to attend, you can get a glimpse here.

Thanks Allison for the inspiration for Librarians of AISL! Who will be next?

4 thoughts on “Librarians of AISL – Christina from Saint Stephen’s

  1. Thanks for the tour, Christina. Your school is beautiful. The student tour guides were very knowledgable and friendly this afternoon. Many of us enjoyed the session on using mindfulness activities with LS students and learned a lot of techniques that we can use right away.


    • This is so good to hear! You should watch the kids on “birthday yoga” days outside. Super fun. I love all of the techniques they use in the Lower School for developing happy focused kids. It’s been a great day; there’s the adrenaline rush of excitement and sheer terror at allowing 130 people to see your library “home.” See you bright and early in the morning for conference day 3!

    • It’s easy if you give up on sleep! Also it forces me to limit my number of “takes” to 2. Need to get to Hawaii to see your space sometime!

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