Invite More Cuteness to Your Library!

If you’ve ever had a Get Caught Reading! bulletin board in your school, you know what I am talking about. Cuteness!


This year we made it a goal to take pictures of students reading quietly in the library and post them near our library entrance throughout the entire school year. Our efforts started small during the chaotic start to the school year. We snapped a few photos here and there. As the school year got into its groove, we were able to catch students reading often (and teachers too!). Our library mascots were even caught reading in the library.


At a recent Lower School Town Meeting Assembly, our three fifth grade student mentors made it known to the school that it is COOL to Get Caught Reading! in the library. With that simple announcement, a movement began. Quiet reading time became exceptionally quiet. Our students are now spending more time reading, and less time goofing around at the end of each library class. Check-out time often starts with a question, “Ms. Allison, will you catch me reading today?”

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Even our resident Wizard got caught reading.




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