Give them Choices??? and Pray !!!!!

It all started this summer, June 2, the day after school ended for the summer. Our curricululm dean forwarded me the results of a survey she made and that she sent to the classroom teachers regarding their library schedule. Granted that the media center was closed all last year due to COVID, I was not surprised at the results. I also was not aware that a survey was even being conducted??? You can imagine my surprise reaction, but I do want to share the replies:

*Visit each classrrom once a month to share a book with the children

*Visit the media center every other week instead of weekly check-out

*Afternoon classes for 30 minutes with story time and check out

*Integrate into ELA/Book Clubs

*Visit each classrrom once a month to share a book with the children

*Visit the media center every other week instead of weekly check-out

*Afternoon classes for 30 minutes with story time an dcheck out

*Integrate into ELA/Book Clubs*Weekly visits (like we have done before COVID)

*Classes scheduled right after lunch or recess to cut down travel time

*Allowing the students to openly visit the library (sending them during reading time)

*Library is not the best use of time – it would be great for actual instructional time (how to identify text features, how to identify reliable sources, choosing books for research, etc.)

*Books need to be leveled with the GRL on the spine so children can easily identify the Just-right-book

*Meet with groups that need more support (perhaps during Reading Workshop time)

*More time for the media specialist to spend with small groups of students for book recommendations

Before I tried to wrap my head around all of these comments, I need to let the reader know the number of classes I would be teaching weekly and the duties assigned to me. There are 25 classes of students weekly from Alpha (3 years old) to grade 4. I have a daily AM and PM duty for the entire year and 2 lunch duties a week. There are only volunteer parents who help with the shelving and check out.

I prayed all summer about this dilemma – how can I be everything to everybody and meet all their wishes while still staying calm and professional?

Through divine intervention, I came up with the idea of giving the teachers chocies! As in the past, they could choose the time they would like to visit the media center, but this year they could use their slot of time in 3 ways:

(1) They could bring their entire class to the media center

(2) They could send small groups of students and I would meet them at the door

(3) They could invite me to their classroom to work with PBL (Project Based Learning or reading or ????)

I asked for a 3 day notice if they wanted me to teach a lesson in their classroom so I could have time to plan.

I start classes next Tuesday, since we had volunteer training this week….so I will keep you posted.

However, I will leave you with a smile on your face with this last comment. Today, at the weekly meeting by the flagpole, a teacher approached me and asked, “Since we are off Monday (Labor Day) we will miss our first library class. Is there anytime during the 4 day week you can make it up?”

As you can see…….I have a long year ahead of me and I definitely need to keep on praying!

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  1. What a wonderful solution to a sticky problem! Congratulations on this lovely outcome from all your hard thinking this summer — will look forward to hearing how it goes!

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