An Ode to AI

The poetic muse stirred this response to recent discussions of ChatGPT and AI. Though the thoughtful conversation will continue on the merits and cautions involved in using ChatGPT in schools, here is just one perspective. This poem is dedicated to all teachers who encourage student voice and choice.

3 thoughts on “An Ode to AI

  1. Joan,

    Thanks for sharing. Your poem got at what I think has been missing from the ChatGPT discussion – nuance! AI is spectacular at getting started, providing the bones, but it can’t provide a personal connection to a text or topic.

    • Thanks for your comments, Alexandra about the importance of making “personal connections.” There is no replacement for thoughtful incorporation of ideas, making personal connections, and crafting communication to build on knowledge. In addition, consider how individuals grow as they follow their curiosity and wonderings and struggle to present their ideas in a way that enlightens others or encourages continuing conversations. All of this process is so valuable to growing hearts and minds.

      On a lighter note, a friend of mine who teaches at a university shared that her students asked ChatGPT to write a poem, and the results were really “cheesy.”

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