Marky Award

The Marky Award, was inspired by founding member Mark Hillsamer, the librarian at St. Albans School, Washington DC for 36 years.  Mark helped to establish AISL in 1987 and fostered its growth for 14 years. It very well may have been “Mark’s smiling face, soothing voice, and wry sense of humor”  that kept the organization going during those years.  Walter DeMelle formally announced Mark’s retirement at the Skip Anthony Lecture Banquet in 2001 and presented Mark with a special gift: a mask from Thailand of a lovely lady who holds her index finger gently to her lips in a familiar shushing gesture.

The Marky Award has been given annually since 2002, honoring AISL members who have made a significant contribution to the organization over a long period of time.  A mounted replica of Mark’s gift is given to the winner to be displayed in his or her library until the next conference, together with a small unpainted wooden replica of the mask for the honoree to keep.  The honoree is chosen by the past Marky winners and is presented with the award at the annual Skip Anthony banquet.


2013 Baltimore / Milly Rawlings of Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN

2012   Denver / Linda Mercer of John Burroughs School,  St. Louis MO

2011   San Francisco /  CD McLean of Berkeley Preparatory School,  Tampa, FL

2010   Nashville / Diane Spear of Greenhill School, Addison, TX

2009  Las Vegas / Liz Gray of Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA

2008   Toronto / Shannon Acedo of Harvard-Westlake Upper School, Studio City, CA

2007   Philadelphia / Stephanie Meyer of the Campbell Hall School, North Hollywood, CA

2006   Atlanta / Walter DeMelle, of  The  Hotchkiss School, Lakeville,  CT

2005    New York / Barbara (May) Hathaway of  Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry Forest, VA

2004     Dallas / Eileen Frost of  Summit School,  Winston Salem, NC

2003  Charlottesville / Joan Turk of  Oak Knoll School, Summit, NJ

2002  Pasadena / Selene Meeks of Lake Forest Academy, Lake Forest, IL

 2001  New England / Mark Hillsamer of St. Albans School,  Washington, DC