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Irma, Empathy, and Excelling

***This post is late–I blame Irma, because she’s handy.*** It’s a sign of our super-saturated online life: I read a teaser the other day for an article about empathy and its decline in modern teens, and now I can’t find … Continue reading

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[New Tech] Killed the [Old Tech] Star

Placing myself firmly in the Retro club: image:; video: Do as I Say, Not as I Do There have been many discussions of the virtues/dangers of tech-enhanced learning (and living).  One of the most interesting players on the field is … Continue reading

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Tech and Tornadoes

Severe Weather and 10 Sacred Cows Well, I had planned to write my next post about our school’s experiment with a Tech-Free Day this week; a day, our Headmaster explained, to “examine both the benefits and costs of technology in … Continue reading

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When Everyone Around You Is Acting Like a Two-Year-Old

It’s a typical Tuesday morning: outside the Lower School doors, I hear a teacher reminding students to walk quietly into the library and find a place to sit.  The door opens, and in scramble 14 of the cutest kids you’ll … Continue reading

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