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Hashtag a Genre

Often we are called to share our knowledge of genres with language arts classes. This year our 8th Grade English classes were embarking on a unit of genre study. They were to learn about some specific genres, read and analyze … Continue reading

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Getting Campy in the Library

              Starting a new school year is like setting off on a expansive hiking expedition. Many of us are in our prepping stage: getting out our dusty gear, charting and mapping our course, and acquiring … Continue reading

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“Hygge” in the Library

  I love the uncluttered calendar and idle days of summer. There is time for traveling to new places and cultures, bingeing on books, and expanding interests and hobbies. While I cherish the possibilities of the open day, the open … Continue reading

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Our Beautiful Balancing Act of Place and Program:

  A contemplative post to celebrate libraries in their fullest glory and realistic struggles             It is National Library Week- I want to spend this post celebrating and contemplating our shared love of libraries and … Continue reading

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Hyper Docs for Hyper Connectivity: a librarian and teacher collaboration for information literacy

As librarians many of us maintain websites, course management sites, or libguides so that the library resources are accessible to our school population within the systems they currently use, but I am always wondering how frequently they are used outside … Continue reading

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Search Alouds: Showing Not and Telling the Search Process

When I have the opportunity to work with students within the the core subjects I attempt to make research sessions active for students. I have noticed from the past when I was doing most of the talking and pointing out … Continue reading

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Fighting Fake News-International Fact-Checking Day on the Horizon Many of us in AISL have shared our lessons and experiences about how we are addressing research and information literacy in the face of the fake news media buzz. I wanted to revisit the topic again because of the … Continue reading

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Librarians Being Proactive in “Post-truth” World

Additional  contributers Cathy Rettberg and Erinn Salge “Child Trafficking Ring Tied to Hillary Clinton Campaign”* “Russians Hacked Democratic National Committee Emails to Lead Voters To Trump”** “Miracle Herbal Remedy to Cure Cancer”*** So many of our news stories sound like … Continue reading

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Diversity through Library Makerspaces: An Example of Community Collaboration of Girls in STEAM

Many of us in the independent school realm are continually striving to reflect and foster multiple perspectives for our community through diversity initiatives. Past AISL conventions, professional development, and blog posts have featured diversity, equity, and multiculturalism to our collective … Continue reading

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Libraries and Museums- A Perfect Partnering

Libraries and museums share similar DNA; public institutions holding artifacts of human knowledge and creations.  In fact, many MLIS programs cover both library science and museum studies since both are in the business of information just in different formats. So … Continue reading

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